The NOAH Coin and Blockchain Innovation

The NOAH Coin and Blockchain Innovation

Users of ATAIX, as well as casual followers of the program, may have noticed that we recently listed Noah Coin on our exchange. Those who are familiar with the Noah Coin are likely just as excited as we are that we are working with such an ambitious project. The Noah Foundation is the non-profit of the future, utilizing modern technology to find modern solutions to issues in the modern world.

Our listing article on Noah Coin briefly went over the project, its operations, and its goals, but the Noah Foundation is a great testament to how blockchain can be used for things outside its own immediate industry. We’ve talked in-depth about how blockchain has the potential to lead us into a new age of the internet, but it can be utilized to address a multitude of real-world issues as well.

The Noah Foundation is doing just this, by supporting projects in developing countries, encouraging economic development through blockchain technology. The foundation operates between Japan and the Philippines, currently working on several economic projects in the Philippines. There are two main projects in the works right now. The first is a “Noah City,” located in the Horizon Manilla. Horizon Manilla is a reclamation project that will be the Philippine’s biggest business district, and Noah City plans to have its own city within Horizon Manilla, which will use Noah Coin as currency. There is a similarly planned resort in Zamboanga del Norte, one of the most beautiful provinces in the Philippines. This resort will also use Noah Coin for every feature on the resort, from activities to meals. The foundation has already found professional experts to partner with to help realize both of these projects.

Both of these projects and any future ones will utilize Noah Coin as its main payment method, however, the Noah Foundations is open to working with other cryptocurrencies in their projects. These projects are definitely ambitious, but the foundation is taking all necessary steps to help make them come to life. And with the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as valid tender throughout the world, it seems like blockchain-based economic enhancement is a valid course of action for any developing countries.

Innovative usage of blockchain in this manner is becoming increasingly common. We’re already seeing all sorts of projects based on blockchain technology spring up. All conventional forms of internet websites now have their safer, less centralized blockchain counterparts, and the Noah Foundation is quickly proving that blockchain can provide an alternative to real-world issues as well.

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