Portfolio Tracker

Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Keep tabs on your crypto assets and receive price alerts with our powerful portfolio tracker.

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Why use ATAIX Portfolio Tracker?

Benefit 1

Real-time prices

Always know what your portfolio is worth.

Benefit 2

Multiple portfolios

Different portfolios for different strategies.

Benefit 3

Safety First

Your data is safe Industry-leading protection.

Get an overview of your crypto assets

Feature 1
Diversify your assets
Doesn’t matter the investing strategy you follow, easily track all your portfolios and make informed decisions.
Feature 2
Price alerts
Create customizable alerts and get notified when crypto prices change by percentage or trading price.
Feature 3
Mobile First
Always available when you need to check your portfolios. Just sign in to your existing ATAIX and start creating your portfolio.

Start building your crypto portfolio

Download our app to get started and track all your assets in one place.

Build crypto portfolio
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FAQ on ATAIX Portfolio Tracker

  • Why do I need to use a portfolio to track my crypto assets?

  • Can I import assets outside of ATAIX?

  • Can I track my transactions?

  • What kind of transactions can I track?

  • How much does it cost?