BlogSep, 2020


The advantages of joining the crypto revolution

In the current economic context, it is evident that in addition to making direct transactions between people in a digital environment (widely known as P2P), it generates an expectation that these transactions are true, fast and simplified, with a perspective of practicality and reliability.

With that, Basecoin was created so that the target users - merchants and customers - can also experience this same practicality and reliability.

All this while maintaining low costs and excellent services. And, if in addition to the payment solution, it is possible to attract new customers?

Best of all, by accepting cryptocurrencies - especially Basecoin, you start to walk on the right path to join a new digital world with solidity. We will now address some benefits of this new digital payment and transaction technology. And how could you start accepting cryptocurrencies in your business? And what are the benefits of accepting Basecoin at your establishment?

• Reduce your costs associated with accepting payments from customers

• Expand your business by attracting new customers.

• No intermediation and third parties.

• No restriction on payments.

Reducing expenses: One of the main objectives of any company is to keep costs low, while maintaining quality of service. Basecoin, can significantly reduce its costs by accepting payments from customers. In addition, the funds will be available to you right away, because there are no third parties involved, such as banks, finance, among others. And its use can be quick and instant.

Expanding your business: Having a well-known business that accepts cryptocurrencies attracts new people and technology-savvy customers, customers who control their own finances and are increasingly using cryptocurrencies, thereby increasing adoption and usability. You can become a pioneer in your region by entering the community that is constantly growing and thereby helping your customers to enjoy the other benefits that cryptocurrencies bring. And finally you can say that cryptocurrencies, especially Basecoin, will be a differentiator for your company and business.

To this end, the Basecoin platform will implement the Basecoin Find Merchant in the future, an area dedicated to promoting merchants and self-employed professionals in a certain region and / or segment that accept Basecoin as a payment method in their business, thus building a solid network for dissemination of products and services, as well as encouraging the adoption of the use of cryptocurrencies for the whole society.

No intermediaries: Be your own bank, have total control of your finances, without intermediaries, 24/7, safely, simply and at low cost.

As a modern platform, Basecoin is constantly evolving, always seeking to keep up with technological innovations, as well as encouraging users' privacy and freedom and, in parallel, seeking to foster economic development and social exchange among the platform's participants.

We are building solid partnerships with projects already consolidated in the crypto market, in order to add value to the platform, with products and services, such as hosting masternodes, stakeholders, payment processors, among others.

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