NewsOct, 2020


Major update from NINJA coin

NINJA, a coin that hosted their IEO on ATAIX, is going to make major updates of their blockchain.

This update includes many important updates for all NINJA traders. The first vital thing to note is that NINJA’s value will change. Every 1,000 NINJA will now be equal to 1 NINJA once the change has been initiated. Essentially they passed from 1 trillion with 2 decimal places, to 1 billion with 5 decimal places. Users with NINJA in their wallet will notice this change, and it is nothing to worry about, but a simple readjustment.

Second, as their blockchain is being updated and changed over, deposits and withdrawals of NINJA will be disabled on ATAIX as of 7:00AM GMT, October 7th to 7:00AM GMT, October 8th.

After the blockchain changes are made and the value is readjusted, deposits and withdrawals will once again be reenabled within the coming week.