NewsMay, 2021


Maker DAO (MKR) now available for trading on ATAIX

ATAIX is happy to announce a major new listing — Maker, a DeFi platform that makes it possible for users to borrow and lend against their assets.

MakerDAO’s protocol is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows any user that owns Ethereum and a MetaMask wallet to lend themselves money in the form of a dollar-based stablecoin, DAI. Securing ETH in MakerDAO’s smart contracts allows users to generate DAI based on the amount deposited — the more ETH locked up, the more DAI can be created and borrowed.  When users are ready to unlock their ETH collateral for their DAI loan, they can simply pay back the loan along with any fees.

The native token of Maker, MKR, supports the stability and protocol health of MakerDAO’s DAI token and enables effective governance for the DAI Credit System, which regulates the interest and liquidation rates on the platform. Holders of MKR contribute to key decisions on the operation and future of the system. MakerDAO has been the most widely used and longest-running projects in the DeFi space, and continues to show strong, stable growth.

To trade MKR when it launches or many other coins we have listed, sign up for an ATAIX account today.