NewsMay, 2021


MinePlex Banking Network Token – ‘PLEX’ now on ATAIX

May 12, 2021 – The MinePlex Banking Network Token (PLEX) is now available for trade and exchange on ATAIX. PLEX is native to the MinePlex Banking system and allows users to engage in full banking services such as paying rent, utility bills, daily use of digital assets, sending salaries, managing payroll, and performing interbank exchanges. You can buy and mine tokens, manage crypto assets and scale your business with ease.

The MinePlex Banking ecosystem has its own blockchain network which assures foolproof security. The network offers complete banking solutions in terms of digital assets via crypto bank mobile application, crypto wallet, and crypto cards for easy conversion from cryptocurrency to fiat. It offers easy accessibility around the globe via its mobile application and puts a crypto bank right into your pocket. The platform is helping bridge the gap between the traditional banking system and blockchain financial technology for users on the go.

To trade PLEX, or any other coin or token listed on ATAIX, sign up today for an account and start trading.