Escrow for
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ATAIX Escrow safeguards both buyer
and seller and ensures safe and
flawless crypto transactions.

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Worrying was yesterday.
Today you are in control of everything!

No surprises, no waiting, and no worrying. As soon as all agreed terms are met,
ATAIX Escrow takes care of the transaction so you can rest assured.

How ATAIX Escrow works

How ATAIX Escrow works

  • Buyer and seller agree on terms
    Both parties agree on any terms set for the transaction.
  • Buyer submits payment to ATAIX Escrow
    Funds are transferred and held in our escrow smart
    contract until the Seller delivers and Buyer confirms all conditions are met.
  • ATAIX releases funds to Seller
    Once all conditions are met, we automatically release funds to the Seller.
ATAIX Escrow

Why use ATAIX Escrow


Keep foreign fingers away from your assets

We ensure that funds are safe with us before we receive a green light to release the funds. This means no one can access the funds until all conditions agreed upon are met.


Suited for all kinds of products or services

Safely buy and sell any product or service up to any amount you wish. We allow unlimited transactions and there is no limitation on how much you can spend on your next project. Enjoy the convenience of unlimited flexibility.


Affordable, with no hidden fees

No unnecessary fees, not even hidden ones. Get a clear picture up-front and know exactly what you’ll pay or receive when the agreed terms are met.

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