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Instantly and conveniently exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Fast, secure and limitless. Secure wallet included.

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Why Exchange with ATAIX? What are the Benefits?

Benefit 1

Instantly exchange your cryptocurrencies

Benefit 2

Secure and limitless transactions

Benefit 3

Simple and fast user interface

Benefit 4

Secure wallet service for all assets included

How ATAIX Exchange Works?

First step

Select and define the amount of your assets you wish to exchange from and receive to.

Second step

Make sure funds are available in your wallet, then review and complete the transaction.

Third step

You are all set! Funds will be automatically converted at the best available rate.

If the exchnage is initiated between different currencies, funds will automatically convert at the best available rate.

FAQ on ATAIX Exchange

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  • Is ATAIX Exchange available worldwide?

  • Who is eligible to exchange cryptocurrencies?

  • Do I need an account in order to exchange a coin?

  • Are there any limits to the trade amounts?

  • Do you need to have an ATAIX wallet to exchange a coin?