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Frequently asked questions

How safe is ATAIX?

ATAIX takes safety very seriously. We make sure to adhere to EU laws and regulations to ensure user security. Cryptocurrencies ensure privacy and security by their nature, and we on our end do everything to make sure trading them is just as secure.

What is 2 factor authentication?

Once you create an ATAIX account, you will be given the option to enable 2 factor authentication. There are three ways to enable 2FA: you can do it right away when you create your account; if you skip it while creating it your account, you will still be prompted to do it every time you log in; and if you want to enable or disable it manually, you can do so under the “Security and login” section of your settings.

2FA is used as an extra layer of security to ensure nobody has access to your account. It works with the application “Google Authenticator” (available on Google Play and the App Store) which generates a unique code only available on your mobile device every 30 seconds. Whenever you log into ATAIX, you will need to open Google Authenticator on your device and type the code from your device into ATAIX in order to log in.

What are the verification tiers?

ATAIX uses a three tier verification process for security. To upgrade your account and go into “Verification” in your profile and go through the steps for the tiers accordingly. Here is the breakdown of the tiers:

Tier 0- Tier 0 is the default tier that is achieved after you sign up and verify your email. It allows for unlimited depositing and trading. The verification for Tier 0 is instant.

Tier 1-Tier 1 requires some personal information such as your full name, date of birth etc. Tier 1 allows for unlimited depositing, trading, and a daily withdrawal limit of 0.5BTC.

The verification is automatic and instant once this information is filled in, but it’s important to provide us with your real information as it needs to match the information on the documents provided in Tier 2, otherwise your account may experience some issues or be put on lock.

Tier 2- Tier 2 requires a government issued ID and a proof of residence. Once this is provided and verified, you can have unlimited depositing, trading, and daily withdrawals. Tier 2 verification may take up to 72 hours.