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ATAIX glossary all you need to know.

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Are you new to the cryptocurrency world and feeling a bit lost? Don't worry, you are not alone. The cryptocurrency space can be daunting for newcomers, with its many terms, abbreviations and definitions that can be difficult to understand.

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ATAIX crypto glossary will help make sense of some of the most common cryptocurrency terms and definitions. Armed with this information, you'll be ready to start participating in this exciting and innovative new economy!


Who is Adam Back?

Adam Back is a renowned figure in the Bitcoin community. He has made significant contributions to the development of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin white paper and also developed Hashcash. In addition, he co-founded blockchain technology company Blockstream in 2014.

Blockstream is a prominent provider of blockchain technologies. In 2020, it launched Liquid.net, a one-stop-shop for Liquid Network information and statistics. Liquid Network deals its services to many platforms, such as BTCPAY LAVA. Blockstream also launched the Blockstream Scam Database to fight scammers who hijack the Blockstream brand.