Sales startJan 24, 2020
Sales endFeb 24, 2020
DistributionJan 24, 2020
TradingFeb 29, 2020

SCN sales ended on Feb 24, 2020

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Terms of purchase silvercoin.
  • 1. Buyers purchase Silvercoin without coercion from any party. It is purely the decision of the buyer.
  • 2. Buyers of Silvercoin must fully understand the procedures that have been applied in the IEO.
  • 3. If you feel hesitant in buying Silvercoin, reconsider and don't buy Silvercoin.
  • 4. Purchasing and trading in digital asset purchases is very high risk, understand the procedures and how it works before you buy Silvercoin.
  • 5. Every asset that you buy is your own asset, we are not responsible if you lose your assets in cases such as forgetting the wallet key, computer viruses, among others. We are not responsible in these situations.
  • 6. The exchange is not responsible if you buy the wrong token. Please consider before buying.
  • 7. Silvercoin and ATAIX have agreed to open exchanges on the specified date, so by buying Silvercoin in this event, you agree to the conditions set by the two parties.
  • 8. Silvercoin distribution will be done instantly when you buy, but you can't trade it before the IEO period is over.
  • 9. ATAIX is also not responsible if something goes wrong with a Silvercoin buyer (i.e. buying too many of the initial value you want to buy). Every decision is in your own hands.
  • 10. If you have decided to participate in IEO, then we assume that you have understood all the procedures that apply to ATAIX and Silvercoin.

Silvercoin is a stablecoin created specifically to enter the global market as a legal tender. 1 Silvercoin is equal to 1 USD. Silvercoin is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that can be used in all sectors to replace cash. Be it privately or in groups, Silvercoins are built to improve the public economy technologically. Silvercoins are ready to get on the market and compete with the many other Stablecoins out there, namely USDC and USDT.

Bonus structure

Jan 24, 2020Feb 9, 20200.0015 ETH
Feb 10, 2020Feb 19, 20200.002 ETH
Feb 20, 2020Feb 24, 20200.0025 ETH
Soft cap120000 SCN
Hard cap1000000 SCN
Total supply25000000


Project launchOct 31, 2019

Airdrop launchNov 10, 2019

Presale launchNov 30, 2019

Presale endJan 24, 2020

Public sale startJan 27, 2020

SCN listingFeb 14, 2020

Airdrop endFeb 27, 2020

Start staking reward for SCN holderFeb 29, 2020

Airdrop distributionMar 31, 2020

Prototype launchApr 30, 2020

Buyback and BurnMay 31, 2020

Start roadshow in asiaJun 30, 2020

Token allocation


Nanda Yusra


Ahsan Khan


Aimal Abbas

Advisor and marketing