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Crypto Wisser lists ATAIX

Crypto Wisser has become the third aggregator site in recent weeks to officially list ATAIX on its platform. We couldn’t be happier to see the listing along with their review, as it provides us with even more reputability and recognition. 

Crypto Wisser is an aggregate site specifically for exchanges, and has hundreds of exchanges listed on its platform. There, users can see all sorts of information about exchanges including supported currencies and deposit methods, as well as lengthy reviews about each platform. They can also leave their own star based review so other users can get a good read on how good (or bad) any exchange is.

Check out our Crypto Wisser page and be sure to sign up for an ATAIX account today to begin trading cryptocurrencies today.


ATAIX now verified on Coinpaprika

Exciting news for ATAIX as Coinpaprika confirms us as a verified exchange. The popular cryptocurrency and exchange aggregator site is the second one in the last week to do so, which is a great opportunity for ATAIX, its users, and potential future users.

Coinpapriko is a massive aggregator site with hundreds of exchanges listed on it. Users can find all sorts of information about exchanges, including its markets and their volume, price, and pair. There is also general information about the websites, such as their Alexa ranking and total volume, as well as many other stats and details.

Check out our page on Coinpapriko. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up on ATAIX to begin trading many popular and up and coming coins today.

Sep, 2020

BAB to become original coin

Basecoin [BAB], a coin that hosted their IEO on ATAIX, is switching from a Tron based cryptocurrency to a completely original one with their own blockchain.

This switch includes many important changes for all BAB traders. The first vital thing to note is that BAB’s value will change. Every 20 BAB will now be equal to 1 BAB once the change has been initiated. Users with BAB in their wallet will notice this change, and it is nothing to worry about, but a simple readjustment.

Second, as their blockchain is being updated and changed over, deposits and withdrawals of BAB will be disabled on ATAIX as of 12:00AM GMT, September 10th to 12:00AM GMT, September 11th. After the blockchain changes are made and the value is readjusted, deposits and withdrawals will once again be reenabled within the coming week. 

Sep, 2020


ATAIX is happy to announce another new listing: PIRL, the ethereum based token of the PIRL project, is the latest to join our platform.

PIRL is a completely community driven and managed blockchain project that looks to become the first complete DApps hosting platform. PIRL’s main goal is to make blockchain and cryptocurrency based technology more accessible through research, innovation, and dedication and help with the ongoing evolution of the crypto space.

In order to begin trading PIRL or any other coins we have listed on ATAIX, be sure to sign up for an account today. 


Aug, 2020

ATAIX Lists CitronCash's XCT

CitronCash’s XCT is officially on ATAIX, available for all users to trade. XCT was submitted on our voting list some time ago, and garnered a lot of votes.

XCT is the native utility token of CitronCash, a blockchain payment system built on the Stellar network. CitronCash is a multi-cryptocurrency payment system that allows users to arrange payments across multiple wallets and do it quickly and at a minimal fee. The Citron system also allows for anonymity and guarantees security. 

In order to trade XCT or many of the other coins we have listed, sign up for an ATAIX account today.

Jul, 2020

Synthetix Network Token now on ATAIX

Yet another listing for users to get excited about: the Synthetix Network Token (SNX) is now available to trade on ATAIX. SNX is the native utility token of the Synthetix platform, which allows people to trade synthetic assets. 

On Synthetix, users can trade for a variety of different commodities and assets through the Ethereum blockchain. The platform works by creating a bridge between a number of assets or commodities for users to choose from (from things like fiat money to gold to crypto, among several others) by assigning a “Synth” to each asset. Synths are ERC-20 tokens that represent each respective asset or commoddity. SNX is used as the main form of collateral on the platform.

To begin trading SNX or any of the other coins or tokens we have listed on ATAIX, be sure to sign up for an account today.

Jul, 2020

REN listed on ATAIX

ATAIX has listed REN, the native utility token for the Ren protocol. REN is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies out there by market capitalization, with nearly $150 million in market cap. 

The Ren protocol is a protocol used for inter-blockchain connectivity and liquidity. Using the protocol, users can transfer value between different blockchains using existing smart contracts, without the hassle of wrapping or unwrapping tokens. Currently, Ren supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, and Ethereum, but more blockchains will be added with time.

If you want to start trading REN or countless other major or up-and-coming cryptocurrencies, sign up for an ATAIX account today.

Jul, 2020

ATAIX lists Kyber Network's KNC

Kyber Network’s native KNC token is now listed on ATAIX. A top 50 cryptocurrency by market cap, KNC is a massively demanded and popular token.

Kyber Network is a protocol that specializes in decentralized finance. Kyber allows for seamless decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any decentralized application (dApp). Kyber provides liquidity by aggregating it into a single pool from a variety of different sources. The Kyber protocol also allows for instant token-token settlements. 

To begin trading KNC or any of the other coins we have listed on ATAIX, sign up for a free account now.

Jul, 2020

RAS officially listed on ATAIX

Real Asset Currency [RAS] is the latest of many listings we’ve been introducing to ATAIX in the last few weeks. RAS is a stablecoin from Brazil.

RAS’s value is based on the Real, Brazil’s fiat currency, with 1 RAS carrying the value of 1 Real. RAS puts freedom, convenience, speed, and security above everything else, and has already been implemented as a payment method among many Brazilian retailers. It can also be used in over 200 other countries worldwide through various POS terminals and RAS credit cards. 

In order to start trading RAS or any of the other exciting projects we have listed on ATAIX, sign up for an account today.

Jul, 2020