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First Japanese coin is now on ATAIX

ATAIX welcomes Monacoin (MONA) community. MONA is the first Japanese cryptocurrency, well known to its Japanese users since it was released in 2013. Monacoin prides itself on its supportive and very active user base, who often make use of the coin in unique ways.

Monacoin prides itself on its supportive and very active user base, who often make use of the coin in unique ways. The project also never “premined” coins, meaning the developers and all users all started on even ground. The combination of Monacoin’s longevity as well as its unique relationship between its users and developers have made it among the most popular coins in its native Japan.

ATAIX has seen a large number of people inquiring about Monacoin, and it has been a long time frontrunner on our voting list. Monacoin usage is relatively limited to Japan, and it is yet another great Japanese project we’re happy to add on our platform.

To deposit MONA and start trading sign up for an ATAIX account today!

ATAIX Enables Euro Deposits

ATAIX users can now make deposits in Euros! Users can deposit Euros directly to their ATAIX wallets and exchange to crypto right on our platform. This allows our users to do fiat-to-crypto trading safely, conveniently, and quickly without using a third party.

Anyone wishing to deposit Euros can easily choose whether to deposit with cards or to send funds by bank transfer. SEPA deposits are available to European users only, while SWIFT payments are available to customers worldwide. ATAIX supports all major credit and debit card providers. All of these options are fast and secure.

We would like to emphasize that only verified users can initiate bank transfers on ATAIX. If you still haven’t verified your account, we highly encourage you to do so. Also, we would like to remind you that it’s necessary to be very attentive when initiating bank transfers. Please thoroughly check the payment details you use when depositing or withdrawing your funds. Providing correct information allows us to process your payments faster.

It’s important to note that only verified users can initiate bank transfers. All users who haven’t yet gotten verified are encouraged to do so in order to make full use of the ATAIX platform. Please be sure to pay close attention when initiating bank transfers and double check all your details to ensure there are no errors.

Our team is very excited with the launch of fiat capability, as it makes trading much more convenient while allowing anyone to exchange fiat-to-crypto without a hassle. Stay tuned for more updates on our developments and enhancements of ATAIX platform.

Jul, 2019

OneGram Now on ATAIX!

We’re extremely excited to announce the listing of yet another innovative coin- OneGram. OneGram is a cryptocurrency backed by gold; every coin is backed by at least one gram of physical gold, which provides a stable floor price.

OneGram is based in Dubai and is the first Sharia compliant cryptocurrency. Their project has won several awards from various events and institutions for innovation. The main idea behind OneGram is to provide stability in the cryptocurrency world. There are coins that do this by backing their cryptocurrencies with real world currencies, such as EURT, which we also recently listed.

However, OneGram backs their coins with gold instead of fiat currencies, which provides more stability. Fiat currencies inevitably go through inflation and devaluation, and gold is a more stable alternative. With each OneGram transaction, a small fee is generated which is then reinvested to buy more gold, thus increasing the value of each coin by increasing the amount of gold that backs it. This means that even if it is technically a stable coin with a limited and fixed emitted total, the market cap grows with every transaction.

OneGram is an extremely inventive cryptocurrency and ATAIX is very happy to list such original projects. Sign up today to start trading OneGram, as well as the several other coins we have listed.

Feb, 2019