ATAIX Initial Exchange Offering platform is continuously improving

The rising popularity and flexibility of cryptocurrencies made it possible to use them in a variety of projects and applications worldwide. One of the successful applications of cryptocurrencies is using them for funding startup projects and ideas. 

ATAIX IEO platform aims to make this process easier for project owners as well as for contributors. 

Project owners can easily list their projects on our platform by filling out the listing form and accept contributions with any currency listed on ATAIX. We will take care of the fundraising and KYC procedures for you. ATAIX will list your project once it is successfully delivered. 

Contributors can explore and participate in the fundraising process by using their ATAIX account balance. Our IEO platform screens every project and provides a higher degree of trust behind the project.

We have two successfully completed projects that are tradable on ATAIX.

The new exciting projects are coming soon, together with you we can bring them to life.