ATAIX Now on Telegram

Any ATAIX users who are active on the popular messaging service Telegram can now follow us on there as well, by joining the official ATAIX channel and group. All news and updates from now on will be posted in the channel as well for our users’ convenience and users can join the group in order to keep in touch with one another as well.

Telegram is a messaging service released in 2013. Although it’s one of the newer messaging services out there, it has gained a massive following in the amount of time it has been around due to its reputation for safety and security. Telegram encrypts all communication, making it one of the few messaging services out there that truly emphasizes privacy.

With its channels feature, Telegram allows one way correspondence between a person or a firm and a (theoretically) limitless number of subscribers in the channel. This has made Telegram a popular medium for organizations to share any news and updates on.

Check out Telegram today and be sure to subscribe to the ATAIX channel and group.