Basecoin's IEO on ATAIX coming to a close

Last chance for ATAIX users to get in on Basecoin’s [BAB] IEO. The project’s IEO has been live since May 15th on our platform and will come to an end on May 25th. For anyone looking to get in on another exciting new project, this is the perfect opportunity. 

Basecoin’s BAB is a Tron based cryptocurrency that aims to become a secure and convenient day-to-day tender for all sorts of transactions, both in the real world at brick and mortar businesses as well as for any payments online. In addition to BAB, Basecoin also has a multi-coin mobile wallet that provides users a secure and anonymous way to make any crypto transactions. Basecoin is a promising project that we’re very excited to make our 6th IEO.

Head on over to ATAIX’s IEO page for Basecoin in order to take part in the IEO or to find out more about the project. Anyone who wishes to partake must sign up for an account on ATAIX if they have not done so already.