Bitblocks's BBK Now Listed on ATAIX

Bitblocks’s BBK coin is the latest coin to be listed on ATAIX after a great performance on our voting list from their community. BBK is a coin with a focus on speed, convenience, and privacy.

BBK boasts nearly nonexistent fees, a privacy function that allows for completely anonymous transactions, and instant transactions. These features combined make it a convenient currency to use for everyday transactions all across the globe.

The BBK community propelled BBK to the top of our voting list, voting nearly 3,000 times in under two weeks time. Representatives of the project also contacted ATAIX to set up an airdrop for all those who voted for BBK. If you have a project and think it can earn a top spot on our voting list, apply today for a spot on the list. 

In order to trade BBK and many other major and emerging cryptos, sign up for an ATAIX account today.