Bitcoin Cash - peer-to-peer electronic cash is now listed on ATAIX!

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the famous Bitcoin spinoff, has been added to the growing list of coins on our platform. The coin, which split off from Bitcoin in August 2017 via a hard fork split, was the first of its kind to do so. Since the split and the subsequent creation of Bitcoin Cash as a stand-alone cryptocurrency, several other tokens have been created in the same manner.

The creation of Bitcoin Cash came about through a disagreement within the Bitcoin community that divided advocates and users into two camps: those that favoured larger block sizes and those that favoured smaller block sizes. The former is more practical in treating a coin/token as a payment method in transactions while the latter is better for coins/tokens that look to be a value of storage for investors. Those that wanted Bitcoin to be a transactional currency split off, creating a separate blockchain, which became Bitcoin Cash.

Since then, Bitcoin Cash has become a very popular coin in the crypto world. Along with our other recent additions, it has been among the most consistently demanded coins for our platform. Sign up for an account to begin trading Bitcoin Cash on ATAIX today!