Check Out Our New Subreddit!

ATAIX has opened a new Subreddit for both our users and those interested in our platform or cryptocurrency trading in general. Have a look and don’t be afraid to join any active discussion or start your own.

We’ll have people moderating and following our Subreddit to make sure we address any discussions pertaining to our platform when necessary. Whether you’re a crypto pro or someone who is just curious on the topic, we welcome anyone to give our Subreddit a follow and start talking crypto right away!

Though we encourage all sorts of relevant and appropriate discussions, we would like to note that very common or user-specific questions pertaining to the platform can be addressed over in our FAQ section on the site. Here we have answers to all the most common questions we receive as well as have a direct line of contact for any ATAIX users with inquiries.

As well as following our Subreddit, you can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to be up to date on ATAIX across all platforms.