CYVA Now Listed on ATAIX!

CYVA Now Listed on ATAIX!

ATAIX is very pleased to announce the listing of the CYVA coin. The CYVA coin is yet another innovative crypto that we are excited to add to our platform.

CYVA’s proprietary blockchain and multi-level transaction structure make it a fast, secure, and convenient coin to use. Users get the best of the fiat and crypto world with the CYVA coin.

CYVA provides users with quick and anonymous transactions, protecting account balances and transaction histories from being shown to others.

Their innovative PoS system also allows users to delegate their stakes to miners, a functionality that will be available on smartphones, meaning that users can essentially participate in mining using any device.

We are very happy about the addition of such an inventive coin to the ATAIX platform. Sign up for an account today to begin trading CYVA among many other coins.