Dash Listed on ATAIX!

Another massive coin has been added to the ATAIX platform. Dash has been a dominant force in the crypto world since it was launched in early 2014, consistently being a top 20 cryptocurrency in the market for years. We have no doubt that it will become a popularly traded crypto on the ATAIX platform as well.

Dash is a decentralized autonomous organization authored and launched by Evan Duffield in January of 2014. Duffield rebranded the token several times, finally settling on the name “Dash” as a portmanteau of “digital cash”. Since then, Dash has seen success in many areas and has been reported as being Venezuela’s preferred alternative to fiat currency.

Dash also helps up and coming businesses, many of them blockchain/crypto centred. They have a blockchain research lab at Arizona State University and perform general business incubation for new projects.

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