Dogecoin is the Newest Coin Listed on ATAIX!

Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency based on the extremely popular internet meme “Doge” has now been listed on ATAIX. This is the latest addition to our platform as we continue to listen to our users and try to provide them with what they ask for.

In an attempt to create a fun cryptocurrency, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer got together to develop Dogecoin in 2013, at the height of the “Doge” meme’s popularity. They launched it by the end of the year, and it gained widespread popularity shortly after its release. Dogecoin has since retained its popularity and become a household name within the crypto community.

In addition to its popularity within the general crypto community, Dogecoin was also one of the earliest coins submitted to our voting list, and has consistently held a top 3 position shortly since.

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