EURT of Tempo Now on ATAIX!

We are very pleased to announce the listing of the EURT coin on our platform. The EURT coin is the newest project of Tempo France, a Paris based company that specializes in bridging the gap between crypto and cash. Tempo Crypto provides people with a safe and convenient way to exchange their cash for any crypto they wish from anywhere in the world. Their latest product is an app bundling three services: worldwide remittances, a Stellar-backed Visa/MasterCard, and a Crypto Exchange.

Tempo is a regulated French établissement de paiement and bureau de change (money transfer company and currency exchange) whose team is highly experienced in the remittance and banking industries, providing people with an easy way of transferring both fiat and cryptocurrencies. They comply by EU standards.

EURT is a stable coin on the Stellar network which is valued one-to-one with Euros. Stable coins are very useful as a medium of stability and certainty in an otherwise very volatile market. Generally, they’re used to trade for other cryptocurrencies or as a hedge against volatility.

Tempo also has its own native token Tempo ICO, which unlike the EURT is a utility token. Tempo is an extremely convenient service with more than 100,000 service centers in 80 countries worldwide. Sign up now to begin trading EURT and several other coins on ATAIX today!