Fiat withdrawal now enabled on ATAIX

Fiat currencies have officially been added to the list of currencies users can withdraw on ATAIX. Adding the option to withdraw Euros is great news for any users who utilize fiat in their crypto trading.

Most users already know that fiat currency deposits have been available for some time now, since ATAIX added Euro months ago, but they can now both deposit and withdraw Euros all on ATAIX. It’s important to note that the withdrawal is only through wire transfer, since wire transfers are the most universal option. 

Euro is one of the base currencies on ATAIX. In addition to Euros, ATAIX users can also trade with BTC, ETH, USDT, and DOGE and trade for all the major cryptocurrencies out there as well as countless up and coming ones. To begin trading on ATAIX, sign up for an account today.