Hokkaido’s very own Dosancoin is listed on ATAIX!

Dosancoin (DOS), the Japanese coin from the island of Hokkaido, has now been added on ATAIX. Dosancoin is a project from the large Japanese island of Hokkaido in the northern part of the country which seeks to become the island’s dominant form of payment. The project already has a good following in Hokkaido and looks to spread out to other parts of Asia and the world.

The project’s user base is an energetic and active one, catapulting Dosancoin to the top of our voting list in a matter of hours. Dosancoin has been the number one coin on our voting list since its addition not too long ago, garnering five times as many votes as the next coin on the list. Once again, ATAIX users asked, and we delivered! 

If you are not registered yet for an ATAIX account, sign up today to begin trading Dosancoin!