NewsMay, 2021


Imperial β (XIMP) to be listed on ATAIX

Imperial β (XIMP) is a global payment currency issued by the Imperial Foundation. XIMP is a cryptocurrency wallet app already released by the Imperial Foundation. It is the main currency of “Pocke”.

The main functions currently available using XIMP within the Pocke app are basic cryptocurrency transfers, exchanges, and Yield Farming. Later, lending functions will be implemented and other payment alliances and functions on various entertainment platforms will be introduced.

In addition, XIMP will be marketed at Yield Farming and then swapped to the original chain called Eurostable Coin Imperial (XIM), also to be issued by the Imperial Foundation.

For more information on Imperial Foundation, XIMP and XIM, please refer to the official website.

XIMP is due to be listed on ATAIX on May 28, 2021, so make sure you stay up-to-date with our listing announcements on social media and email. To trade XIMP when it launches or many other coins we have listed, sign up for an ATAIX account today.