Introducing ATAIX Earn

Introducing ATAIX Earn

On ATAIX, we try to give users multiple ways to earn extra income. That’s why we’re introducing ATAIX Earn, a new way for users to increase their income in addition to trading. ATAIX Earn consists of our referral program, affiliate program, and voting list airdrops.

The referral program is a great way for users to make some extra cash simply by inviting their friends to join ATAIX. Users can find their referral link in their profile and send it to anyone they wish to invite to ATAIX. They will then earn a 10% commission on any trades made by users who signed up with their link.

The second option we provide users within ATAIX Earn is our affiliate program. ATAIX’s affiliate program allows users to add the ATAIX exchange widget onto their platforms for their users to quickly and easily make exchanges. Affiliates will then make 30% commission off of every trade made through the widget.

The third way users can make extra money on ATAIX is through voting list airdrops. Many users already regularly participate in these. Several projects on the voting list have opted to do an airdrop if their coin is listed. If a project with an airdrop is listed on ATAIX, every user who voted for it will automatically get a piece of the airdrop.

We will continue to update ATAIX Earn in order to give users more options to earn. Stay tuned for any updates. If you want to start earning, sign up for an ATAIX account today.