LNO of Livenodes Available to Trade on ATAIX

LNO of Livenodes Available to Trade on ATAIX

The latest coin added to ATAIX is LNO coin of the Livenodes platform. Livenodes is a platform started in mid-2018 that utilizes blockchain for many practical use cases.

Livenodes is a blockchain ecosystem that will address many issues through a multifaceted set of use cases. The first use case- Crypto Masters- was launched in July 2018. Crypto Masters provides digital marketing strategy for crypto projects, helping them more effectively turn users into investors.

For the upcoming year, Livenodes has several other uses cases planned. These use cases involve a monitoring and statistics tracking service, a PoS/PoW/MN pool, and even its own exchange service planned for late 2020.

Livenodes was recently submitted to the ATAIX voting list and dominated the weeks following following its submission. 

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