New Transfer tool added on ATAIX for quick transfers

ATAIX has added a new Transfer tool for users to exchange between two currencies or to send funds to others within seconds. The Transfer tool can easily be accessed through a tab at the top of any page, and includes two options: transfer between your wallets and transfer to another account. 

Transferring between wallets allows users to exchange between two currencies. Users simply type in an amount they’d like to exchange, choose the currency they’d like to exchange it for, and click “Transfer”. Prior to clicking “Transfer”, an estimate will be given for the amount they’ll receive. 

Transferring to another account allows users to transfer money to another account. Users can select the currency they wish to use for the transfer, the currency which they wish to exchange it to (if they wish to exchange it) before transferring, and type in the account email they’d like to transfer it to. 

If the person they are transferring to isn’t registered on ATAIX, they’ll receive an email notifying them that they’ve received a transfer. They will then have to register on ATAIX in order to claim their funds. Any user who is registered on ATAIX will simply receive an email notifying them of the transfer and the funds will appear in their wallet instantly.

Sign up for an ATAIX account today in order to try out the new Transfer feature or any of the other functions ATAIX has.