Ripple Now Listed on ATAIX!

We are happy to announce that we have now listed Ripple’s XRP on our exchange list! Ripple is the third cryptocurrency we’ve listed on our platform, following Bitcoin and Ethereum. As we continue to develop our site, Ripple will undoubtedly bring a lot of possibilities to the platform.

The Ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) is the native to the Ripple protocol, an innovative payment system built on blockchain technology. The platform works for payments and currency exchanges internationally, and supports anything from crypto to fiat currency as well as many other units of value.

Ripple is the first blockchain protocol that is seeing widespread and mainstream adoption among banks and other payment networks. In fact, in 2017, Ripple doubled VISA’s transaction speed, a huge milestone for the platform.

ATAIX is very excited to list such a reputable and popular cryptocurrency on our platform. Join ATAIX to start trading XRP quickly, safely, and conveniently.