VIPSTARCOIN has been Added on ATAIX

Our most recent addition to the ATAIX platform is VIPSTARCOIN. VIPSTARCOIN is the native utility token of VIPSTAR.

The coin was released in 2018 by users of the popular Japanese textboard platform, 5channel. A group of users on the site known as Nyusoku VIP started the project in February 2018, launching it later in the year. There are thousands of active users, known as VIPPERs in the community.

One of the main ideas behind the VIPSTARCOIN is to give back to disaster-stricken areas such as those affected by the 2011 earthquake in Japan. As they put it, they want to “bring ‘Fun’ back to disaster-struck areas”. They want to encourage crypto donations and are trying to facilitate this with an app they plan on releasing in the future through which users can quickly and easily donate to help such areas.

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