Voting List Function Added to List Most Demanded Coins

As ATAIX always strives to provide our users with the best experience possible, we’ve added a new Voting List function to take into consideration our users’ opinions. As we continue to grow our token and coin list, we want to know which ones you would like to see listed next. 

The Voting List already has several candidates that we’re considering listing, and we need the help of our users to see which one is most demanded. Once you register with us, you can vote for as many of the coins you see listed once every 24 hours. Come back every day to vote for your desired coin and help it become the frontrunner! 

If you don’t see your favorite coin listed on there, feel free to apply to get it up on our Voting List and get fellow traders to vote for it. 

We want to ensure our platform is designed with the user in mind, and this is one of many steps we’re taking to maintain this goal. Register with ATAIX and begin trading with your preferred coins and tokens now.