NewsOct, 2019


XinFin's XDCE Token Now on ATAIX

XDCE, a token from the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain platform, is now available for users to trade. XinFin combines private and public blockchains to create a platform for global trade and finance.

XinFin works by combining a public state, in which all users are members, with the ability of enterprises within the network to host a private sub-network. This allows enterprises to publicly and transparently share data across the public network while keeping more sensitive data within the private sub-network.

XDC is a native utility token XinFin uses within its network for settlements and remittance. XDCE is an Ethereum based token that has a value 1:1 to the XDC token, giving users the choice to hold tokens in either form.

To begin trading XDCE or many of the other coins we have on ATAIX, sign up for an account today.