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Crypto White Label Exchange

Leverage our trading platform and give your customers access to unlimited crypto trading.

Benefit 1

5 years on the market

Benefit 2

100+ crypto and 5+ fiat currencies

Benefit 3

30+ platform based projects

Benefit 4

Fully EU Licensed

Innovative and secure trading infrastructure

Feature 1
KYC Platform

Benefit from our KYC platform and efficiently manage all policies and regulatory compliance requirements from initial take-on right through the entire client lifecycle.

Feature 2
Security and Performance

Incorporate the latest and EU-compliant security patches and practices. DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, 2FA, and activity control performance.

Feature 3
Innovative API

Access advanced automated trading strategies with our Real-time API. REST and WebSocket APIs provide access to all available features and enable easy 3rd party integration.

Go even further with additional features

Benefit 5

Altcoin listing

Benefit 6

Multilingual support

Benefit 7

Customer support

Benefit 8

Affiliate and Referral program

We got your back as you scale

Feature 4
Order Matching

Our matching engine processes up to 6,000 orders per second allowing Limit Orders, including ‘Good till cancel, Immediate or cancel, Fill or kill, stop orders’, as well as Market Orders.

Liquidity and Market Making

They allow to provide liquidity and the best exchange rates for users. It is mirroring the prices from other exchanges and hedging operations automatically to ensure low market risk.

Feature 6
Safe Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits are processed through internal blockchain nodes automatically without any third-party service providers. Withdrawals are processed from internal hot wallets automatically.

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